RacesVirtual horse racingBet on the winner of the race, prize place, determination of the first two horses, tricast.
Lack of the human factor. The entire race is computer-designed using artificial intelligence technologies. No cheating available.
RacesVirtual motorcycle racingBet on the winner of the race, the winner of a series of several races, the result of the tournament, the fastest lap.
Spectacular race with realistic graphics and a high level of difficulty in predicting the outcome of the race.
LotteryLucky SixChoice of six lucky numbers out of 48. You can play this game up to 12 times per hour.

What Is Virtual Sports Betting? 

Gradually, everyone goes online. Virtual sports is an innovative development by programmers. Computer simulation of the competition is created on the basis of artificial intelligence, taking into account all the real data of the teams, each individual player, and technology (if we are talking about races).

This means that virtual sports are as close to real competitions as possible. It looks no less impressive, but at the same time, the time spent waiting for the results, as a rule, is much less. What else do bettors need to be happy? They require entertainment, a little expectation, and getting a result with a win.

Types of Virtual Sports Games in Golden Pokies Casino

To be able to experience all the delights of betting on virtual sports, check Golden Pokies 735 Casino. However, first a bettor needs to go through an easy registration. We give players the opportunity to get acquainted with the most popular games. We make you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw money using VISA, MasterCard, and NeoSurf at a casino.


If we talk about the simplest bets, let’s talk about the lottery. Gamblers would love the game for its simplicity of gameplay and the brightness of emotions from the anticipation of the coveted winning numbers.

The gameplay of lotteries is explained at Golden Pokies Casino. It is so simple that even a beginner can handle it. You choose your winning combination and wait for the results of the game. You can play a maximum of 12 games in one lottery in an hour.

We offer you to play three versions of the lottery:

  • happy 6
  • happy X
  • next 6

Interested in trying your luck? Register, if you haven’t registered yet, and play for fun. It is enough to enter several personal details and pass a quick confirmation process.


The speed attracts many players. Some love to be behind the wheel and drive at high speeds, while others love to watch incredibly fast driving. Betting on the winner additionally stimulates wagerers to play for observation and knowledge of the matter.

At Golden Pokies 735 casino we know you can try your luck and knowledge in different types of races, such as:

  • virtual horse racing
  • virtual motorcycle racing
  • virtual and LIVE greyhound racing

As we already said, virtual sports are built on the basis of complete reliable data of real athletes. Artificial intelligence, based on the knowledge gained, builds a model of athletes’ behaviour.

The indisputable advantage of virtual races is the lack of the possibility of “contractual” competitions. To make a winning bet, study the statistics of completed races, and calculate the possible course of events.

And of course, everyone’s favourite dog races in Australia and NZ are presented in virtual mode and LIVE mode. Explore the statistics of the races passed, make an informed choice and win!

Australia/New Zealand is a paradise for equestrian sports. Ideal conditions for racing. Do you want to feel these unforgettable emotions? Then you can start playing right now with our Golden Pokies Casino. Virtual horse racing will not leave anyone indifferent. Just try it and see.

Virtual Sports FAQ

I’m under 18, being kiwi. Can I register at Golden Pokies Casino and play?

Registration is only possible for adults. You will need to verify your personality with documents at a casino.

Why enter your personal data in registration, isn’t it safe?

Casinos need personal data to verify your identity. There is nothing to worry about, Golden Pokies Casino itself doesn’t share players’ information. Your data specified in the registration with our blog is completely safe.

I can’t log into my game account. What to do?

If you have any difficulties, you can contact our 24/7 customer support via online chat or email us: support@goldenpokies.casino. If you write by email, we strongly ask you to contact us with the mail that you indicated during registration.

Do you have a bonus system at Golden Pokies 735 Casino?

There is a loyalty system with accumulated points. Different games bring different points. They are usually accrued only from bets made from the balance of the deposit. Playing with demo candy wrappers is not included in the loyalty system.

Is gambling legal in Australia and New Zealand?

The laws of Australia and New Zealand do not punish online casino players. By playing on a gambling site you risk nothing.

I have no experience with betting, so what are my chances of winning?

Regardless of the experience of the player, anyone can win a jackpot. If we talk about sports betting, then you should start by studying the tables of past games in order to make a really right choice and win.

What is better to bet on, virtual or real sports?

In fact, it’s up to you to decide. Golden Pokies Casino guarantees the fairness of the competition results for both virtual and LIVE games we recommend. Try both options and choose your ideal bet type.