It’s no secret that some gamblers lose control over themselves and literally lose everything. This phenomenon is called gambling disease, namely gambling addiction. Like any other disease, it can be cured. Also, various preventive measures are meant to prevent the development of gambling addiction in gamblers.

“Sink or swim” — in a nutshell about the prevention of players’ safety from gambling addiction. The first person who should be attentive to gambling is the player himself. A person can’t accept help if he does not want to be saved. This is especially true for addicted people.

Without realizing the problem of a person suffering from gambling addiction, those around him will not be able to help him. The gambler will continue to play until he sees a problem in this himself and wants to start solving it. Therefore, always act wisely. It is better to anticipate the problem than to look for solutions later. And now we will tell you how to behave so that you and your loved ones are not touched by such a problem as a gambling addiction.

Responsible Gaming

We do our best to provide our visitors with a comfortable environment for staying in our online casino and playing safely. We monitor the quality of games and the work of all employees. Thus, we provide players not only with high-quality services and a pleasant pastime but protect them from spoiled mood by minor flaws in the operation of a recommended online casino.

We cannot keep track of the game time and the state of each of gamblers. Therefore, we strongly ask each user to play responsibly. In order not to become a victim of the gambling addiction, we will give you some tips:

  1. Gambling should not be a means of earning money for a player. First and foremost, this is a game that should be fun, and the valuable winnings are just a prize for a good game.
  2. Before starting the game, set the limit of the sum that you are ready to spend. As soon as you reach the intended maximum bet, end the game immediately and exit the gambling establishment/site.
  3. We are glad when users stay with us for a long time. However, you need to control the time spent in any gambling establishment, whether it is Golden Pokies Casino blog or partner casino. Let the game be some kind of relaxation for you, for example in the evening. This should be a dosed time, without wasting days long in the casino playing your favorite games.
  4. In addition to the second point, we recommend that you replenish the deposit no more than the amount that you are willing to spend for this game session. You do not need to store large amounts on your gaming account as this will prevent you from playing too much and spending the entire deposit at once.
  5. Learn the strategies of the game, choose the techniques that are most understandable to you, and become an advanced player. By following the strategies, you minimize unnecessarily large bets in the pursuit of winning back a series of failures and lost bets.
  6. Enjoy the game — this is the most important rule. As soon as your mood has changed and gambling no longer gives you pleasant emotions, end the game immediately. A bad mood can provoke the desire to make high stakes to win back lost games. But this is not the correct behavior of the player, which will certainly lead you to gambling addiction and losing large sums.
  7. Remember one of the most important rules: never play while intoxicated or depressed. If you do not control your emotions in real life, then there are high risks that you will not be able to control the course of the game and your bets. An intoxicated mind won’t allow you to adequately assess your playing position. Moreover, you are risking your health.

Responsible gambling implies conscious gambling by the user when he or she knows when to stop and how to behave in different gaming situations. Be sure to follow our recommendations, and you will not be threatened by gambling with a loss of control over yourself and your life.

Minors Are Not Allowed

We respect every gambler who visits online establishments. But there are rules and laws that cannot be broken. Registration on our Golden Pokies 735 website or a partner casino is only allowed for individuals who have reached the age of 18. It is illegal to register in online casinos and place bets for underage users in Australia and New Zealand.

We and our partners take a very responsible approach to solving the growing problem of gambling addiction among minors and try to ensure compliance with the law by complex verification of the age of users who want to register with a gambling platform. If there doubts about the age of the user who is registering or placing a bet, additional checks are carried out. You also need to provide identity documents.

In order to create favorable and safe conditions for responsible gambling, we recommend that gamblers follow some important rules:

  1. Do not leave your gadget unattended when you enter an online casino. This will secure the seizure of your account by other persons, including minors, who may be around and express a desire to play.
    1. If there is a need, when entering Golden Pokies 735, leave the device unattended, but you should put a password on it and block it.
  2. Do not tell anyone the username and password for your account. The same applies to point 2 — do not tell anyone your password for the gadget.
  3. If there are minors in your social circle who can log into your account, do not enable the function of saving your password and automatically entering it upon login on your device.
  4. To restrict unauthorized access to your device, you can use special programs. To protect a certain age category, use programs such as, for example, NetNanny or CYBERsitter.
  5. Make sure that your credit card information is protected from minors, and they cannot use your personal information with its help.
  6. If you are logging into your Golden Pokies Casino account from a public or unknown device, be aware of the presence of minors. Do not save the login in the browser, do not leave the device unattended, or set a temporary password.

To maximize the safety of responsible gambling, we ask you to inform us if you know that minors are using gambling services. To do this, write to us, providing all the necessary information (if possible, including the username of the minor user), to our email Golden Pokies Casino services consider each application, and, if necessary, help block such accounts in order to stop the game of a minor user.