Casinos use loyalty programs as very effective promotional tools. Most top-tier casinos provide tailor-made incentive packages depending on deposit levels, customer registration statuses, etc. Sign up for first-class services with a help of Golden Pokies Casino and start collecting credits by playing the games you want. Apart from the VIP membership benefits, AU players will also stand a chance to win free spins, multipliers, bonuses, and more at the diverse slot, table games, card games, etc. Aussie players cash in on this opportunity to reap the benefits of being a loyal patron!

To subscribe to this jaw-dropping set of benefits, Aussie and Kiwi players need to register at a casino. The “Register An Account” webform has to be filled up with demographic information, currency details, address, and phone details. The phone number is verified using an automated SMS. The player should also acknowledge as being above 18 years in accordance with the Responsible Gaming Policies. 

As soon as you sign up at an Aussie casino, you are granted credits, by collecting which you can reach new tiers of loyalty. Get to know the amazing opportunities provided to you after signing into Golden Pokies 735 Casino and a casino.

Loyalty Rewards

Log in, spin the slots or place bets on table games, and gather as many award credits as possible. This brings enormous privileges. One can withdraw loyalty credits by exchanging them for bonus funds! Moreover, collecting enough points will take you another notch-up in your Loyalty status.  

There are commonly 4 ranks, the Platinum level being at the topmost. The rest of the ranks are Bronze, Silver, and Gold in ascending order.

  • Bronze – The Bronze layer doesn’t have any qualifying factor. It’s the bottommost rung. Bronze being the entry-level doesn’t offer any benefits in terms of loyalty credits or accelerators to claim credits.
  • Silver – To reach this level, you need 1,000 loyalty credits on average. The silver rung will let the player claim credits 5% faster than the previous rank.
  • Gold – In order to be a Gold member, you need to gather 2,500 award credits on average. The pace at which you can get more credits is sped up by 10%.
  • Platinum – This is the premium status with an eligibility factor of 5,000 credits or up. It lets the player claim credits with 15% more speed than the previous rank.

How to Earn These Loyalty Points?

Register at an online casino and start winning a wide range of loyalty points at a NZ casino. The deposit and wagering requirements usually vary between casinos, game types and providers operating in New Zealand and Australia, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Azumi, etc. Always read the Casino policy document and T&C pages to get acquainted with the finer details.

  • For instance, Slots, Online Bingo, Scratch cards, Arcade Games: You can secure 1 credit by betting $10.
  • Table Games except for video poker and craps: Stake a bet of $50 to secure 1 loyalty credit.
  • Roulette and Sic Bo Games: Gain 1 reward point for betting $100.
  • Video poker and Craps: Place a real-money bet of $1,000 and get 1 award credit.

How to Redeem Your Hard Earned Loyalty Points?

Keep in mind the following steps in order to claim your credits. Click on the “CONVERT” button to reclaim the credits that you have gathered. 

Here are a few things to remember while performing this task:

  • As a rule, award credits cannot be obtained from live versions of table and jackpot games.
  • The desired credits can be claimed by you in units of 500 that amount to a $5 bonus fund on average.
  • Once you have been awarded these credits, you need to use them within the span of a month after which they expire.
  • The rules you need to follow while making bets are important. For example, the bonus funds which have been swapped with loyalty credits should get staked 50 times before any withdrawal request can be processed. 

Make sure to abide by the Terms and Conditions section of the Loyalty Program to redeem them. Having insight into these rules is important to properly access the due credit.

An amazing non-generic smart customer support service at the Golden Pokies 735 casino along with an awesome variety of gambling platforms, games, promos, and loyalty rewards is brought to you. The exclusive promo deals, gaming expertise and loyalty reward programs offer the AU and NZ punters a satisfying casino experience. The customer service works 24/7 and is ready to solve any doubts.

Golden Pokies makes sure a loyalty program at a casino will motivate punters to try out new aspects. You will be endowed with great features and services once you sign up for the consistent award system. We help in building a trustful relationship between the gamblers and the casino house based on the incredible perks that they provide with only one condition: the commitment of punters.