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Card gamesBaccaratFirst Deposit – 100% up to $800 and 150 free spinsLive Casino
Score 9 or an approximate number of points to win
RouletteRouletteSecond Deposit – 100% up to $800 and 150 free spinsLive Casino
You need to guess the colour and even-odd number where the ball will land.
Card gamesBlackjackThird Deposit – 100% up to $800 and 150 free spinsLive Casino
The goal is to beat the dealer by gaining more points, but no more than 21 points.

How Does Live Dealer Roulette at Online Casinos Work?

The LIVE version of roulette featured on Golden Pokies Casino blog is a fireworks display of emotions. There are many varieties of roulette, but the basic rules are the same everywhere. The player chooses even-odd (range 1-18 or 19-36) or a specific number and colour of the sector where, in his opinion, the ball will fall. Next, the croupier launches a ball over the wheel, it moves in the opposite direction from the rotation of the wheel, and hits a sector. All players who have guessed correctly receive their winnings, the game continues.

The process starts from easy registration. It’s easy — just like any online casino.

The Different Live Roulette Variants

As we said, there are several variations of the roulette game. The most popular are American and European roulette. Except for them, there are other types, including completely modified ones. For example, in California roulette, not sectors but cards are used to select a winning number.

American Roulette

Let’s look at the American roulette. The basic rules do not change, the player places a bet on a certain number or even-odd and the color of the sector. The highlight of the wheel in this one is the two green sectors called ZERO and DOUBLE ZERO.

In general, the hallmark of American roulette is the placement of numbers on the wheel. They alternate — two even numbers, then two odd ones. Thus, some balance is achieved in the game, with more chances to get into the envisioned range. In turn, the red sectors alternate with black ones, which dilute the two green sectors: zero and double zero.

There can be two or even three dealers at the gaming table. The specific number of croupiers may vary, depending on the number of players. Payments are made from lower to higher rates.

European Roulette

Now let’s look at the difference between European and American roulette. The base is standard. Of the differences — a maximum of 8 players can sit at the table. The playing field is divided by 36 cells in three rows of 12 numbers each. The numbers are arranged in ascending order of +3 numbers. Those are 1, 4, 7, etc. To the side of the sector of numbers, there are sectors with external rates and the sector of zero.

Due to just one zero sector, the chances of winning are significantly higher than those of the same American roulette. Plus, the European version of the game has the ability to make oral bets. The dealer is alone at the table, he leads the process, throws the ball, opens and closes bets.

To be short, the difference is not very noticeable, but in deeds you will understand everything. To try out roulette at a casino, you need to register. After registration, access to all games will be open.

French Roulette

The rules of the French roulette are mostly the same as European one. The only difference is the rule called “en prison”. Bets on black, red, odd, even, high, or low that lose to zero can be kept till the next spin. This cuts the casino’s advantage to 1,35%, so French roulette is better for a gambler.

The Benefits of Live Roulette

Online Roulette is a live broadcast of the game from a real casino. Thanks to the cameras exposed at different angles, you have a complete view of the game table and control of the game. There are no chances for card tampering and other cheating — everything happens like in a real casino. The only difference is that you don’t need to leave your own home for this.

In live dealer roulette, the casino uses streaming technology so that you can watch all the action unfold at the table, but you are making all your bets on your device.

  1. You play online, but the game is played in real life — and you see the process on your screen.
  2. This type of game is more transparent because the result is determined by the physical ball and not by the program code.
  3. You can talk with the dealer and other players at your table. 

High-quality visuals and soundtrack add a special mood. Such emotions cannot be experienced with a regular virtual roulette. The main advantage of Live Roulette is that the game is played with a real dealer and not with a computer program. A real casino is literally at your home, or in any place convenient for you!

How to Win at Live Roulette Online?

As with any other game, roulette players come up with different winning strategies. So far, there is not a single strategy that guarantees a win. In gambling, it is difficult to predict a 100% result, fortune reigns here. And now we are going to tell you about a few moving strategies.

The Martingale strategy is one of the most popular. It consists in doubling the rates after each loss. Then the winnings immediately beat off all previous failures and the player remains in the black.

D’Alembert is a strategy with an increase in the rate of several units, similar to the Martingale strategy. In this case, each bet after a loss is not doubled, but it increases exactly by the amount of the previously made bet.

In the first case, the rate grows exponentially, and in the second case — in an algebraic one.

How To Play Baccarat Online with Live Dealers?

To start playing LIVE baccarat at our casino now , you need to create an account. Upon completion of registration, all games will be available to you immediately. Playing baccarat online with a live dealer is as easy as playing with a computer or in a real casino. The rules are quite simple. You need to score a certain number of points: 9 or as close as possible.

Figure cards and 10 do not give points, an ace is one point, and the rest of the cards are at par. When calculating points, it should be borne in mind that all 10 are burned out. For example, you have an ace and a 9 in your hands, so in general you have zero. 9 + 1 = 10 = 0 points. Or you have 7 and 6, then 7 + 6 = 13 = 3 points.

If, after the first combination of cards is issued, no one has 8 or 9 points, it is possible to take an additional card. The gambler wins if he has more points than the dealer. When the dealer and the player have the same number of points of 8 or 9, a tie is declared.

The Benefits of Live Baccarat

The advantage of playing LIVE Baccarat is that it is a live game with a real dealer, not a soulless machine. Online broadcasting of the game seems to take the player to a real casino. You can feel this atmosphere of a real game, excitement, a frantic flow of money and, of course, a jackpot.

To sum up:

  • Real dealer
  • No random programmed
  • Charming atmosphere

How to Win at Live Baccarat Online?

Initially, before playing, the player should determine the maximum amount of the bet that they are ready to place. As soon as it reaches this maximum, end the game. This is the most important rule to remember and apply in practice.

Of the strategies, gamblers often use “roulette” Martingale and D’Alembert in baccarat —  when the rate increases after each loss. There is also a separate system of behaviour called Labouchere. It is a strikethrough system that is based on the Fibonacci number series. To be more precise, each lost bet is recorded at the end of the number row, and after a lost bet, a new bet is made by the sum of the two extreme numbers.

How Does Live Dealer Blackjack at Online Casinos Work?

Blackjack is often called twenty-one or a point, but in point, the rules are slightly different. The essence of blackjack is to beat the dealer by collecting no more than 21 points.

For card counting, remember that face cards are worth 10 points, cards 2-10 are counted relative to their face value, and an ace is counted as 11 points. But if there are already 21 points on hand, then the ace will be counted as 1 point. Sometimes, before the game, the meaning of the ace is negotiated in advance.

High VS Low Stakes Live Blackjack

And so you decided to play blackjack. What are the bids high or low? Different gaming tables imply different minimum and maximum values for the rates.

Golden Pokies Casino experts in Australia and New Zealand advise beginners or players with little experience to choose lower rates. High stakes are great for skilled players. High-stakes play does not tolerate fear and uncertainty, the strongest wins.

The Benefits of Live Blackjack

LIVE blackjack is, first of all, live communication with the dealer. Software algorithms will not replace the mood and atmosphere of a game with a real person. Online broadcasting of the game is a new breath of air for casinos in the quarantine regime, when everyone is forced to minimize one-on-one communication. The advantage of Live Blackjack covered at our Golden Pokies 735 casino is that the player knows what is the best entertainment for you to play. We respect your time, because there is always your perfect table for you.

To sum up:

  • Real communication with real people
  • Safe game
  • Saving your time

How to Win at Live Blackjack Online?

Let’s get started with a basic strategy: depending on the combination of cards in your hand, you need to draw or not draw another card, split the cards into a pair and double the bet.

If you have two aces in your hand, you definitely need to split the cards into pairs. Then you need to look at the situation, whether your rua is soft or hard (with or without an ace) and what cards the dealer has. It is difficult to designate in a nutshell, you need to familiarise yourself with the table, so it will be clear to you.

Another noticeable strategy is Surrender. It may seem to you that giving up and winning are two incompatible concepts, but let’s take a closer look. If you realise that your hand is weak and the dealer’s is strong, it is better to give up, losing half, than to completely lose. There are two types of pass — early and late. For early dealing, a decision has to be made before the dealer reveals his card. For a late pass, you need to wait for the dealer to open a face-down card.

Live Casino Games FAQ

Is the casino legal in New Zealand?

According to the laws of New Zealand and Australia, gamblers playing in online casinos are not punished. When following the Golden Pokies 735 Casino recommendations and tips, you are completely safe.

My Internet connection is not always stable, can I play LIVE games?

To prevent problems during the game, you must be sure that you are connected to a stable network. We are not responsible for a poor game result due to an unstable player’s internet connection.

Do you have to register on your site or is there a demo version available for all visitors?

To be able to play at a casino, you need to go through a simple registration with an identity confirmation. Only persons who have reached the age of majority can register and freely use the services.

Will I lose my money if I do not log into my account for a long time?

No, all your winnings will remain in your gaming account until you use it or withdraw it.